Pollen Invasion

Posted by: Judd Davis - bio | email

Montgomery, AL (WSFA) -   A cloud of yellow covers Montgomery and the River Region.   This could be one of the strongest pollen allergy seasons yet, and health experts say, its only the beginning.

If you do suffer from allergy problems, allergists suggest  showering at night, to avoid transferring pollen into the bed.    You can also try to keep windows at home and in the car closed.   "You can also look at nose sprays, shots, and pills," said allergist Dr. Allen Meadows.  "The pills I would recommend would be a generic Zyrtek.

Dr. Meadows says we may not see any allergy relief until June.    The next big hurdle will be oak and pecan allergies which starts in May.     Rain would help, and it could come our way overnight Wednesday into Thursday morning.

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