Palin to speak at fundraiser in Birmingham

File Photo: Sarah Palin at an event in 2008.
File Photo: Sarah Palin at an event in 2008.

BIRMINGHAM, AL - Former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is planning a trip to Alabama for an upcoming speaking engagement.

Palin was already slated to visit Faulkner University in October. Now, she's scheduled to speak at the 18th Annual Fundraising Dinner for Rainbow Omega in Birmingham. The date for that event is set for May 11.

Rainbow Omega is a faith-based 501(c)(3) not-for profit organization, strictly non-partisan, and is dependent upon donations from individuals, companies and organizations for funding.

Rainbow Omega provides a safe permanent home for adults with developmental disabilities. Gov. Palin's youngest son Trig has Down syndrome, as do many of Rainbow Omega's residents.

Governor Palin's topic will be "Dreams for My Child's Future: My Views as an Advocate for Those with Developmental Disabilities."

Founder and CEO Stentson Carpenter says Gov. Palin is uniquely qualified to speak to Rainbow Omega supporters.  "We are grateful to Governor Palin for lending her support to our organization. As the mother of a child with a developmental disability, I am sure that Gov. Palin has realized what a special blessing their family has been given and what important decisions they will have to make about his future," said Carpenter.