Home Invasion shocks community

Posted by: Jennifer Oravet - bio | email

CECIL, AL (WSFA) - The quiet comfort of the small Cecil community off Highway 110 was shattered by sounds of late-night gunfire and cries for help.

Neighbor Beatrice Floyd, "I heard the gun when it fired, I wondered if someone had killed a deer, and then I said it might be a snake, and then I heard someone hollering."

Suddenly, patrol cars scoured Macon County Road - searching for the masked men who burst into Gloria Shelton's home and shot her three times, almost taking her life.

Floyd, still shaken said, "I got kind nervous. I keep my doors locked."

Eventually the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office ended its search, leaving this once-restful rural community in shock.

General store manager Robert Jordan agrees, "People that live out here, they are on nerve again. A bunch of burglaries and robberies happened last year, and now this."

Jordan says locals have been stopping in all day - anxious for any information about Monday night's incident.

"What happened last night really scared everybody, that's why everybody's packing.  We all pack."

As for the investigation, Sheriff D.T. Marshall says they have leads, but still no motive - and no arrests.

"Did they think she had a lot of money, did they think she had dope, did they hit the wrong house? I don't know."

If anyone has information on the home invasion, they are asked to call Crimestoppers at 215.STOP.

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