A new study finds underage drinking hits close to home

Posted by: Alisha Clark

MONTGOMERY AL, (WSFA) – If your child is between the age of 12-20, he or she may have participated in binge drinking at least once in the last 30 days, according to a new study. The results show that underage drinking is a serious problem among youth. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration fights underage drinking in honor of Alcohol Awareness during the month of April.

It can begin while your child is at a party or left alone at the house and finds beer in the fridge. Alcohol consumption is killing our youth; it contributes to the three leading causes of death among 12-20 year olds. More than 25% of youth over 12 has had a drink this past month. The consequences can lead to accidental injury, murder, or suicide.

ADMH joins national organizations in encouraging people to get the facts about alcohol abuse. ADMH Associate Commissioner for Substance Abuse Services Kent Hunt says, "This effort is not designed to criticize the responsible use of alcohol but to define abuse, identify the resulting consequences and publicize sources available for help."

Underage drinking can increase physical or sexual assault, bad grades in school, death, and plays a role in risky sexual activity. In efforts to combat the epidemic of underage drinking, SAMHSA and the Ad council recently launched a new series of nation public service advertisements to encourage parents to talk to their children about drinking alcohol at an early age.

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