County Road 12 - Kenan's Mill

On the outskirts of Selma is a place that for a long time was abandoned and forgotten. It's a relic of a past life, of a more simpler time. Debbie Williams found it somewhere out along County Road 12.

"It's easy to put yourself back a hundred years when your out here." In it's hey day, Kenan's Mill was the place. "We had the mill here, we had a cotton gin here we had a pavilion here where they had dances and get together's. They relished hitching up the horses and loading up a bag a corn to have it ground." That was back in the 1860's. Life was hard. Going to the mill was an all day affair but also a chance to catch up on the latest happenings in the community. "It was always the place where you learned the latest news. Who got married who died."

A working mill until the 60's, for more than 30 years the stones laid silent and just like the waters of Valley Creek, 'time' went rushing by. For Jim Wood, restoring it was a labor of love. "The first time I smelled ground corn meal after this mill had been standing idle after some thirty years . It was such a reward there is something to say when you come in here and see the old wood that's been hand polished and smell the stones hitting together."

It is easy to go back a hundred years out here."We've run across a lot of people that say their grandfather or their father came in by horseback. And some of the even older folks say they remember sitting in a wagon and pulling up to the mill and unloading their corn. Running around in this area and having a good time." The stones are turning again at Kenan's Mill and with each rotation we get back a little of the past. "It's peaceful here and it's peaceful when your with a crowd or with yourself."

If you would like to see and experience Kenan's Mill, check out Kenan's Mill Arts and Craft Festival coming up next month, May 10th in Selma.