Fort Deposit lands Hyundai Supplier

The Lowndes County town of Fort Deposit is celebrating. It's landed one of the biggest economic deals for that area in the last 25 years. A joint venture of the Korean company Sejong Industrial and the American Company Arvin-Meritor is planning a ten million dollar plant that will put one hundred people to work.

You could call Fort Deposit the little town that could. "This was about the best chance we had in 25 years. "We figured this was our last chance." Mayor Fletcher Fountain has landed the biggest deal of his young political life. "I cried, I really did because of happiness. What a few folks can do working together." The mayor will be the first to tell you the odds were stacked against his little town.

With a population of 1200 there wasn't an employee base, there was no infrastructure for such a large company but somehow, Fort Deposit did it. "We were told that you have to have infrastructure, you gotta have this you gotta have that and we will present you some funds to help the infrastructure but you can't get the funds until you get a commitment" said Fountain.

There's a new kid on the block in a town known for Priesters Pecans and Calico Fort and the future of Fort Deposit is definitely looking up. Construction on the new plant should be complete by this time next year.