4 found smoking marijuana near baby

FLORENCE, AL (AP) - Four people have been arrested and a baby has been taken into state custody after police say the adults were found smoking marijuana next to the 10-week-old child.

WAFF-TV reports this weekend that the baby's mother, Krystal Bohannon, Zachary Holder, Wilimina Holt, and Terry Richardson were charged with chemical endangerment of a child and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Police responded to a trespassing call at an apartment complex on Friday and officers say they smelled marijuana when they knocked at 1 of the units.

Police say they entered and saw drugs all over the ground and found all four adults and the baby, who had been born two months premature.

Richardson was also charged with criminal trespassing. It was not immediately known Sunday if the suspects had lawyers.

Information from: WAFF-TV, http://www.waff.com/

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