Selma's city council president dies

Posted by: Mario Hendricks - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - There's an unexpected vacancy to fill on the Selma City Council.

Selma residents are mourning the death of their council president who was an active community leader.

Dr. Geraldine Allen died of cancer yesterday.

Fellow council members tell WSFA 12 News that Dr. Allen had been battling colon cancer for a number of years.

A two term council member, Allen had previously served as councilor for Selma's 4th Ward. Dr. Allen later won the election for city council president in 2008 as George Evans became Mayor of Selma.

Dr. Allen had a long history as an educator before making her way into politics. Allen's replacement for now, Council President Pro Tem Cecil Williamson, tells WSFA 12 News that Dr. Allen will be sorely missed.

The Selma city council meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, has been postponed until next week as a sign of respect for Dr. Allen.

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