Auburn Students look for Swift Hug

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Auburn, AL (WSFA) - How far would you go to get a hug from a music superstar.  Some Auburn students are getting pretty creative.     It all started a few months ago when student Michael Wekall was sitting in class.   "I was just sitting there not paying attention, and we just decided to do this and go crazy," Wekall said.

What they decided to do was use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and any other social networking site to try and get a hug from Taylor Swift.   Their Facebook following grew quickly, and then a big surprise.  Taylor Swift is big into social networking sites and she saw their request for a hug.   "I just found something really cool, it's called a hug from Taylor," Swift said on her web page.

But she wasn't ready to give them a hug just yet, Swift issued a challenge.   She wanted the students to help an elderly lady cross the street.   So what was it like to get a response and a challenge from Taylor Swift?    "I think some tears," said student Ryan Leander.   "No, not really tears, but exciting, overwhelming, and really complete shock."

As for the challenge, these Auburn boys didn't disappoint.   They rounded up other students and even mascot Aubie to help ladies all over campus cross the street.   Taylor saw their work and on her web site she said she was surprised by their greatness.  And while they wait for their hug, and the next challenge, they have a challenge for Taylor if she's up for it.   "If I could pick a place it would be great to get the hug here, on campus," Wekall said.

Taylor has already issued a second challenge.  You can see what they're up to by going to the web site:

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