Agency introduces stunning PSA on seatbelt safety

The moment of realization. A crash is coming.
The moment of realization. A crash is coming.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - An ad agency in England is taking PSAs about buckling up for safety to a new level, and it's a video you should see.

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership created the 90 second spot to remind drivers why they should buckle up: To Embrace Life.

Set to somber music, the piece opens with a man starting an imaginary car in his living room. His bare foot presses an imaginary gas pedal into the carpet, and in slow motion viewers ride along with the man and his dining room chair as his facial expressions show the love he has for, who we can only assume are his wife and daughter. The wife and daughter sit comfortably on the couch across the room, smiling back at him.

Suddenly, or as sudden as slow motion can be, facial expressions on all three turn to horror as the man realizes he's going to crash. The man looks away as if to avoid a collision, pulling the imaginary steering heavily to his left.

The girl jumps from the couch, lands in front of her father and hugs him around the waist. Right behind the girl is her mother, who at first, looks to be giving the man an awkward over-the-shoulder hug. Then, a wide shot and viewers see that the mother and daughter have created a seatbelt around the man.

The violent collision is illustrated. A child's play table topped with a bowl of glitter and confetti goes flying into the air, shimmering in the light much like the tiny bits of a broken windshield. As the table and glitter slowly float through the air, the man's body contorts, his feet slam into the floor violently enough to see each toe slam into the one below it.

When the collision is over the man falls back into his seat, still held in place by the mother and daughter. His arm falls over the young girl, and for a moment they appear to be posing to take a family picture.

The words" Embrace Life. Always wear your seat belt." appear on the screen just before a fade to black.


We want to know what you think of this PSA. Do you think it will change people's minds or will it be just another video? Share all your thoughts and opinions in our viewer comment section below.

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