Editorial: Census

In addition to turning in our taxes this week, we should all turn in our census form.  It will take considerably less time to fill out than our taxes – less than 10 minutes tops.

We may or may not get a tax refund, but we will certainly get some of our tax money back if we send in our census form.

Billions of federal dollars allocated each year – much of it to nonprofit organizations – is based on census population counts.

The census has been conducted every 10 years for the past 220 years and this one is very basic.

There are no questions on income or education, just whether you own or rent and who lives with you.

It is our civic duty to fill it out.   Political representation is based on it.

There's a postage-paid envelope to mail it back. And if you do, no one will come knocking on your door looking for it.

As Alabamians, we certainly don't want to be under counted.

Our state's growth the past 10 years will surely be reflected in the census and we expect that growth to accelerate the next 10 years as we improve education, workforce development, and job opportunities.

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