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Guest Editorial: Child Protection

DANGER, DANGER, DANGER…WARNING, WARNING, WARNING shouted the robot in the old television show, "Lost in Space," when it sensed impending danger. 

Now more than ever, I urge parents to keep a closer eye on your children and ALL children. 

Become more vigilant, no matter how many times in the past you have allowed your children to play outside alone without parental or responsible adult supervision, our comfort levels should now shift to "defensive mode."  When the attempted kidnapping of a little girl took place on the grounds of a church on Easter Sunday right here in Montgomery, that tells us that predators are out there and they have no regard for our children's innocence or their well being.

Don't "push the panic button," but I do encourage you to become more aware of where your children are at all times, there are those out there who may make our children targets for possible abduction. 

The world as we knew it when we were children has changed…don't let your children become victims, keep them close no matter how much they resist your supervision…after all, you are the parent. 

Right now would be a good time to have the "STRANGER DANGER" talk within your family as well as with the friends of your children…we can never have this talk too many times.  We don't want ANY child or family to suffer the anguish of abduction of their child or the possible senseless death of an innocent child because we failed to do the responsible thing.

Barbara Mays

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