Tater not: deputies find cocaine posing as spud

ATHENS, Ala. (AP) - A North Alabama man is giving new meaning to the term "loaded baked potato".

Limestone County authorities arrested the man after they say he tried to disguise five ounces of cocaine as a baked potato.

Sheriff's Lt. Lance Royals says they got a tip Monday afternoon that a man in a silver Mustang had cocaine.

When investigators approached the man in a parking lot outside a restaurant, he said he had nothing illegal. Investigators searched the car and found a carryout plate with chicken, rice and what looked like a foil-wrapped potato.

The foil contained five ounces of cocaine.

The 21-year-old originally gave a false name and said he lived in Huntsville but couldn't remember the address, but Royals says his real name is Ruben Orozco.

Orozco was being held without bail on the trafficking charge and on $2,500 bail on a charge of giving a false name.

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