Dothan residents speak out against consolidation

Posted by: Daniel Curtis - bio | email

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) –   Dozens of people spoke out in opposition of proposed plans to consolidate Dothan's two high schools Thursday night.

"I would really not like to consolidate the high schools because I'm really involved in sports and I would hate for the sports teams to go away," says Tyler Tretchell, a student.

The superintendent proposed the consolidation plan almost a month ago as a way for the school system to save money.

With proration hurting schools statewide Dothan school officials say they need to cut five million out of the 2011 budget.

But many in the community say there's got to be a better way.

"Everything I found is that smaller classrooms are more conducive for learning and that what is education is all about so we are encouraging the school board to not consolidate and make larger classes and to continue with the two high schools," says Chester Sowell, a concerned citizen.

"This consolidation is wrong and we want to send a clear message to the school board we are not buying consolidation there are other options you can't prove to us that consolidation will actually save money," says Sandy Kaston, a concerned parent.

The school board will meet Monday April 19th at Honeysuckle Middle School they are expected to make a decision on budget saving measures.

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