Andalusia: Tea Party members call for fiscal responsibility

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Andalusia, Al (WSFA) – While some folks were rushing to finish their taxes, others used the day to send a message to the government.

Cities all across the country hosted Tax Day TEA Parties Thursday, calling for fiscal responsibility and a more limited government.

And for folks like Tammy Lee of Andalusia, these tea parties have encouraged her to get involved in politics for the first time.

"I don't think I've ever known so much about the Constitution as I do now.  I'm just pumped up and motivated," she said.

Folks in attendance say it's not about being a Republican or a Democrat, but about being Independent.

Susan Herrin said, "It's about Independence, and that we don't rely on the government to dictate where we go, what we do, how our money is spent."

The tea party movement made its first big splash this time last year.  Since then, it's grown from a grassroots movement to a political force.

Lee said, "People were shocked that Ted Kennedy's seat went to a Republican.  So, if they can do it in Massachusetts, we can do it anywhere."

And in this election year, they're hoping for power in numbers to catch the attention of lawmakers from Washington to here at home.

"What I've noticed is that these folks are getting elected, and then forgetting who put them there.  So I want Congress to know that there is no safe seat."

Ron Taylor, the spokesperson for the Tea Party Patriots of Covington County said, "I've seen the nicest, most mannerly people who are as mad as heck.  And now, they have a voice.  The Tea Party Movement is their voice."

And they're hoping to make their voices heard, exercising their rights to a TEA Party protest.

This is the first year Andalusia has hosted its own tea party.

Several speakers addressed the crowds including State Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker and Alabama School Board Member Stephanie Bell.

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