Confusion cleared up over big program at Carver High

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It started with a closed meeting between members of the Montgomery Public School Board and Carver High School's PTSA to clear up a misunderstanding.

"I think the community was led to believe at some point that Advanced Manufacturing in conjunction with Hyundai would be here at Carver," says PTSA President, Eris Beasley.

Then, a community meeting for folks to express their concerns about rumors the program was going to Brewbaker Tech instead.

Superintendent Barbara Thompson says the school board never planned to house the program in the new Carver High School.

"It would involve a lot more space than was originally planned for in the Carver building," says Thompson.

She says Carver plans were drawn in 2007, long before the manufacturing program was considered.

"What they're concerned about losing is something that evolved into an additional program that was never quite frankly planned for this building," adds Thompson.

She says it would take more than $700,000 dollars to outfit Carver for the program.

"We don't have any hidden money. There is no grant, there is nothing I'm aware of out there."

But community members aren't letting that stop them.  Many believe they can raise the money to make it happen.

"I'm so hopeful that we will have this program. There's no doubt...we'll produce either way," says Carver graduate Karen Jones.

Advanced Manufacturing or not, Thompson says original plans for other technical programs at Carver aren't changing.

"What they were promised, they still have."

Those programs include an Automobile Technology and Industrial Maintenance program.

When it comes to Brewbaker Tech getting the program, the superintendent says that hasn't been decided either.

She does confirm they have space available.  She's holding more meetings with parents before even suggesting anything to the board.

She says a decision will come soon.

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