Ala. woman charged with evidence tampering

OPP, Ala. (AP) - A 57-year-old woman has resigned as human resources manager for the city of Opp after being charged in a case involving her grandson.

Investigator Greg Jackson of the Covington County sheriff's office says Geraldine Ezell is charged with receiving stolen property and tampering with evidence. She's free on $13,000 bond. Jackson says Ezell's grandson, Ashdon Edward Tate, was arrested April 6 on charges of burglary, second-degree theft of property and possession of burglary tools. Tate also was named as a suspect in the theft of a rifle. Jackson says Ezell told authorities the rifle was not in her home, which she shared with her grandson. He says the gun was recovered from the woods, and Ezell is charged with disposing of it.

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