Montgomery Sheriff introduces "Yellow Dot Program"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) -  Montgomery County Sheriff D.T. Marshall says in an effort to better serve and protect citizens the department is teaming up with Frazer United Methodist Church to introduce the "Yellow Dot Program".

The Yellow Dot Program is designed to assist citizens and first responders in the event of car accident or other medical emergency. The program can help save lives, Marshall's office says, by improving communication at a time when accident victims may not be able to communicate for themselves.

Those who take part in the program will have their picture taken, complete a personal information form and will be given a Yellow Dot folder and decal.

All of the essential information will be put into a folder and then into the glove box of their car.

The Yellow Dot decal will go in the lower left corner of the rear window of the person's car. The decal alerts first responders that medical information can be found in the glove compartment.

"The program offers participants a way to give vital medical information to first responders if they are unable to physically or verbally communicate," says Sheriff D. T. Marshall.

It is a free service provided to individuals of all ages, with a special emphasis on senior citizens.

Montgomery County is the fifth county in the state to put Yellow Dot Program into action.
"Participating in this program will help ensure that citizens receive the medical attention they need during the first critical hour after a crash or other emergency," said Sheriff Marshall.

The Yellow Dot Program is a cooperative effort between local Sheriff's Deputies, Fire Departments, Emergency Medical Services, Police Officers, State Troopers and Senior Citizen Centers.

Individuals wanting to participate in the Yellow Dot Program can sign-up at one of the permanent enrollment locations:

  • Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, 115 S. Perry Street, Montgomery, Alabama 334-832-4980
  • Frazer United Methodist Church, 6000 Atlanta Highway, Montgomery, Alabama

Special enrollment events will be held at various locations in the county throughout the year.

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