Wetumpka man dies in four car pileup

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WETUMPKA, AL (WSFA) - Police in Wetumpka are investigating a four car crash that killed a Wetumpka man.

It happened at the intersection of Scott Street and Highway 231, right in front of Shoney's Restaurant.

WSFA 12 News spoke with Demyron Kendrick, one of the drivers involved in the collision.

"The only thing going through my mind was 'get out and make sure everybody was all right,'" Kendrick said.

The Wetumpka resident is still a bit rattled.

"I'm happy to be alive, but another person lost their life in the process," Kendrick explained.

Kendrick says he saw a white Honda pull out in front of traffic on Highway 231. Then, it happened.

"As he was going across, the two truck hit him in the side, like 'T-boned' him. [. . .] I went the other way, but a tow truck went the same way I was going, and then he just ran straight into me," Kendrick recalled.

A four car pile up, during heavy traffic.  Kendrick escaped with his life, but another driver, Marshall Dean, 89, of Wetumpka, died in the crash.

"I jumped out the window, and ran and checked on the guy in the Honda. When I seen that, it kind of shook me up," Kendrick said.

Police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened, but they say that particular stretch of road can be hard to travel.

"There's a lot of traffic on this highway every day. It's about rush hour time all intersections are dangerous, but this just happened to be a fatal one," explained Deputy Chief Anthony Crenshaw of the Wetumpka Police Department.

Drivers like Demyron Kendrick say patience is a requirement when you're out on the road.

"Just wait. Wait until you know you got an open road to take. Don't try and force your way out," Kendrick said.

One other person suffered minor injuries. Everyone else escaped without injury.

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