81 year old man builds first house

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Dudley Griffin's opening the door to a new chapter in his life.

After renting a house in Old Cloverdale for more than 20 years, now Griffin's buying one of his own.

While some might be surprised he's entering the market at 81, he says it's only because he finally found the right fit.

"I never gave up the thought of building a house, but I never came up with a plan that I actually really thought I'd build," says Griffin.

Griffin's house is in the new Hampstead development off Taylor Road.  He says it's like living a dream.

"It was just like what I'd been looking at."

The location and style aren't the only things that sold him on home ownership.

"They gave me a very good price."

But a bargain may be harder to come by these days. The Alabama Center for Real Estate reports the average selling price for a home in Montgomery has risen to just over $156,000--the highest since August 2008.

Despite the rise, it's still good news for local home buyers. The national average is just over $250,000 dollars.

Nationally, home sales were up almost 30% in March compared to the listless sales a year ago.

In Montgomery-- an 11% increase.

For Griffin, after more than 20 years of renting, moving into his own home can't come soon enough.

"It's what I need and what I want," says Griffin.

Griffin's realtors say he didn't qualify for the $8,000 dollar home buyers tax credit.

The deadline to sign your contract for the tax credit is April 30th.

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