Red Cross needs donations to help tornado victims

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Montgomery, AL (WSFA) – The Red Cross faces a huge chore after three couties in Alabama were severely damaged by tornados over the weekend.

There are three counties the Red Cross is helping in Alabama-- Marshall, DeKalb, and Cherokee.

The Red Cross immediately went to those storm ravaged parts of our state, offering emergency shelter, food, and mental care to displaced families.

ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (AP) - Gov. Bob Riley will see firsthand the damage that was caused by severe weather that hit the state this weekend.

Riley will be in Albertville on Monday and will see the damage first from the air in a helicopter before landing to drive through the area with local legislators and Albertville Mayor Lindsey Lyons.

A tornado a touched down in Albertville and Geraldine on Saturday night and more than three dozen people were injured, though none seriously.

Officials say two weather-related deaths were reported from the severe weather after a woman headed to a storm shelter slipped and fell and a car crashed into a fallen tree.

The National Weather Service confirmed a F3 tornado blew through Walker, Jefferson and Blount counties.

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Right now, Central Alabama's chapter is on stand-by,  ready to help in those recovery efforts.

Just recently, the Red Cross in Montgomery acquired what's called a Feeding Vehicle.

That vehicle is a place they can serve food from and store things like tarps and blankets to hand out to victims, so they don't have to wait for help, the Red Cross can come straight to them.

They're waiting for word to send that new vehicle to North Alabama where it can help folks who need it most.

The best way to help is through donations to their Disaster Relief Fund.

You can donate through their website at, or by mailing a check to the local office.

Their address is: 5015 Woods Crossing Montgomery, AL 36106.

The Red Cross has declared what they call a level three disaster operation in Alabama.

Governor Riley will travel to Albertville Monday to survey the damage.

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