Brundidge Whistle

Posted by: Judd Davis - bio | email

Brundidge, AL (WSFA) - They know when it's lunch time in Brundidge, and this has nothing to do with the smell of good barbecue.   At the C. L. Dickert Lumber company they have an alarm clock for the whole town.   It's an old fashioned steam whistle.   "I found part of a whistle in this building that I remember hearing as child," Don Dickert said.

"Back then it would sound around 6 a.m. to let people know it was time to go to work.   People didn't have watches back then so they'd use the whistle as a signal to wake up, go to lunch and end the work day."    Now that familiar sound is back.    "We put one up at the plant 4 years ago and it got a real good reception, brings back good memories."

Now Don Dickert has whistle fever.   He's working on a collection of old steam whistles, and trying to get them all working again.    So the trains in Brundidge will likely have a lot more competition in the near future.

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