Montgomery police dog dies after accident

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Montgomery Police Department says on of its officers is "emotionally devastated" after the officer left a K-9 Unit inside a patrol car where it later died.

The death is being called an accident, though the department is conducting an internal investigation. The officer has since been reassigned.

Authorities say the incident happened Friday when the officer, who is not being identified, went off duty. The officer's four-legged partner, Urso, remained inside the unit.  When the officer returned to duty that evening, the police officer found his partner dead inside the vehicle.

K-9 officers are extremely close to their partners and the dog is a family member to the officer.

The department says it contacted the Humane Society to conduct any criminal investigation into the case.

Chief A.D. Baylor and the Staff of the Montgomery Police Department expressed their utmost gratitude to Urso for the job he performed for the citizens of Montgomery, Monday. Urso was laid to rest in the Montgomery Police Department K-9 cemetery.

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