I 10 Connector receiving help from state lawmakers

Posted by: Daniel Curtis - bio | email

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) –   For years there's been talk of building a road in southeast Alabama to connect with Interstate 10 in Florida.

The non-profit group Focus 2000 has agreed to start the project as a toll road and last week they received good news from the state.

It's been a dream and many are still confident in a proposed I-10 connector coming to reality and now Alabama lawmakers have given that dream more life.

The state legislature approved a bill that would give a million dollars to the project.  The money would fund a number of studies that need to be completed.

"That million dollars is for soft costs, to cover the feasibility studies, environmental studies, as well as any kind of legal studies before the project is actually funded,' says Steve Shaw, president of Focus 2000.

The toll road would connect to the proposed outer loop in Montgomery County then stretch through Pike, Dale, Houston, and Geneva counties and hopefully through the Florida panhandle all the way to the Gulf Coast.

"This is not just a road it's an economic corridor it's our future it's all about growth and economic development not only in Dothan, but in Geneva County, and Dale County, Pike County, Montgomery County, this whole entire southeastern corner of Alabama," says Shaw.

Officials are confident the connector will happen and caution it's a project that will take time.

Alabama voters have to approve the entire road bill in November.  If it passes the money will then go to Focus 2000 to begin the studies.

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