Editorial: Korean Free Trade

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Unemployment remains double digits throughout our country yet Congress continues to sit on a deal that would create tens of thousands of new jobs in America.

By not ratifying the free trade agreement with Korea, our congressional representatives are also jeopardizing nearly 350-thousand current jobs.

Canada and other countries will likely soon ratify trade agreements with Korea and take those jobs as the South Koreans will buy more goods from those countries than us.  And that will hurt Alabama as Korea is one of the top 10 export markets for Alabama.

Alabama's delegation is certainly behind ratification.  But they haven't even been given a chance to vote on it.

Powerful unions and some U.S. automakers are against the bill, fueling the ratification delay.

They shouldn't be.  Eliminating tariffs on our products would encourage Koreans to buy more, keeping more people employed. Better they buy from us, than others.