Selma community reacts to baby's shooting death

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SELMA, AL (WSFA) - Murder is always a devastating crime for the victim's family and loved ones. But, when the victim is a child, a toddler no less, it makes the crime seem even worse. Sadly, it happened in Selma Tuesday night.

The 14-hundred block of Church Street in Selma was quiet and peaceful the day after the shooting, but that wasn't what it looked like at 9:00 o'clock Tuesday night. Lewis Scott lives across the street from the house where the shooting took place.  "I was in the bed sleeping and I heard a lot of gun shots and when I got up, when I realized they were gun shots, I got up and came to the door and I heard a lot of screaming and hollering and then I saw a lot of police cars and a lot of people."

Screaming and hollering as well as the police cars were a result of a three year old being shot. Sgt. Doug Stewart with the Selma Police Department  explained what happened. "It was a stray bullet that struck the three year old. He was not their intentional target."

Police also say they are investigating why the bullets were fired at that particular house. In the meantime, more than a dozen relatives of others who live nearby had gathered to check out the situation."This is the grandma's house of all of ya'll? Yeah, it's a whole heap of us. We just came because of the shooting to make sure our Grandma alright."

And, although the police are still investigating the murder, folks who live around here say they know why. "What do you think the shooting was about? They just picking with them boys. They just picking with them. There are boys who live in the house? They just picking with them. They ain't fixing to get nothing because everybody around here is on welfare, food stamps and disability. So, if it wasn't about money what was it about? Basically jealousy. Jealousy of what? Because these boys can wrap and they can't. They are singers."

But, whatever the cause, the reactions are the same. Resident Alfred Irby talked about how much it hurts. "It's terrible. This kid didn't get a chance to grow. This little seed that was planted here by God didn't get a chance to grow and to sprout into anything."

Selma police, however, have made two arrests so far and are looking for two more suspects.  Selma Police Chief says 24 year olds Aaron Harris and Brandon Lewis will be charged with capital murder.

The death of the 3-year old is Selma's second murder of the year. The first murder victim was only 16. No suspects have been found in that case but police are pursuing leads.

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