Police searching for same suspect in store robbery and home invasion

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Tomeika Jenkins straightens up her desk just hours after a robber held up the TitleMax store where she works.

"Once I realized he had a gun, me and the other lady were just shocked," she says.

Montgomery Police say it was just before 11am Wednesday when a man walked into the store, asked to fill out a loan application, and 30 minutes later, pulled out a gun.

"Once I got up to file some paperwork, he jumped up with his gun and demanded me and the other lady on the floor.  And once he got the money he was looking for, he forced us to the back room and tried to lock us in there," says Jenkins.

She says the man had been in the store the day before asking about a loan.  She never thought he'd threaten her life the next day.

"I had no suspicions whatsoever."

Jenkins says she was able to get a good look at the suspect and his getaway car--details police are now using to possibly connect this suspect with a home invasion the night before.

"By the time I got in here, a guy was standing here with a gun pointing at me and my girls," says Carla Carson as she walks through her back door.

Carson and her three daughters came home Tuesday night to an armed robber.

"He just kept saying lay down, lay down.  Do what I say or I'm going to shoot somebody," says Carson of the man who invaded her home.

The suspect forced Carson to the back bedroom, tied her up, and then stole her 1997 white Toyota Camry.

Managers at TitleMax say the description matches the car their robber drove.

It's a clue that may help police track down who's responsible for both crimes.

"He's going to get caught.  He's gonna get caught," says Jenkins.

"I feel lucky because we have our lives," adds Carson.

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