Officers involved in shooting on administrative duty

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is now looking into a shooting involving a Montgomery Police Officer.  It happened Wednesday night on Virginia Loop Road.

The two police officers who shot at Ricky Walker, are now on administrative duty at the police department.  They will not be allowed back on the streets until the ABI concludes its investigation.

According to police, Walker escaped from work release almost five months ago.  He was serving time in the city jail because of overdue tickets and fines.  Police blocked Walker's car in the front and back, but police say when he drove towards them that's when they fired the shots.

Captain Ron Cook with MPD says the two officers on administrative duty won't be able to go back on the streets until they go through counseling and some shoot don't shooting scenarios.

To determine how many times Walker was shot, his body is scheduled to undergo an autopsy as part of the investigation.