Seafood industry feeling affects of oil spill

Posted by: Melissa McKinney - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If there's a particular fish you're after, you better get it fast, because the menu at Jubilee Seafood in Montgomery may soon be changing.

Restaurant owner, Bud skinner, says the oil slick is threatening many of the types of fish he serves.

"It doesn't mean that the snapper's completely out of the game, or grouper.  We're just going to see how big this slick gets, whether they can cap it," he says.

Skinner says he can buy fish from Seattle and other parts of the country to offset the decrease in gulf varieties, but that means folks like David Scott at Destin Connection are losing business.

"This trigger fish here...we will not be able to get out of the gulf from now on until the oil spill is stopped," says Scott as he cleans fish to get them ready to sell.

More than 90% of his product comes from the gulf.

"It does concern me and it's concerning all my restaurants I supply. They've been calling me and as I said before, this is unchartered territory that we're going into.  We've never had anything like this happen before."

Scott says oysters and shrimp will take the hardest hit.  He believes when the fish are gone, they won't be back for quite a while.

Still Skinner's confident he'll get what he needs.

"We'll find the fish and we'll find good quality fish," he says.

Even if it means bringing customers out of their comfort zone.

"We'll have to look and people are going to have to get used to trying some different fish."

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