Harrowing rescue as truck washes into Montgomery flood waters

Todd Spivey thought, "This is it, this is it."
Todd Spivey thought, "This is it, this is it."
Off duty volunteer firefighter Doug Cox came to the rescue.
Off duty volunteer firefighter Doug Cox came to the rescue.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Heavy rains across Central Alabama have left ditches, creeks and streams filled with water. Monday morning that rushing water could have proved fatal for one motorist after his vehicle hydroplaned, slid off the road and into the swollen creek.

Trapped inside with water rushing in, the driver had little breathing room left, until a hero appeared and made a daring rescue.

It started as a trip to Union Springs by way of Highway 231 North, but a wet patch on the road sent a truck flying down an embankment heading directly for swift floodwater.

The driver, Todd Spivey, thought, "This is it, this is it."

The water quickly floated the truck, carrying it at least 50 feet downstream, and filling with freezing water.

"I was high as I could get.  My head was as close to the ceiling as it could get.  Water was up to my neck, I was scared and cold."

And when Spivey drew what he thought was his last breath - his fate changed..

"I heard someone beating on the cab of my truck."

South Montgomery County Volunteer Firefighter Doug Cox, also headed down 231, spotted the truck bobbing in the water.

He pulled over, waded into the creek, and climbed on top of the cab.

"We didn't hear the radio, just pulled over, and jumped in."

After fighting the cold current - Cox's fear came to fruition.  He found Spivey with only inches of air left inside the cab.

"He had to get up in the backseat to the highest part."

They managed to pull Spivey out, and get him to the shoulder of the road.

Spivey now calls cox his "angel".

A rescue, leaving the driver with big questions - a lifetime left to answer them.

"I just wonder why I am still here.  I don't know."

Cox normally works each day pouring concrete, but because of the rain, he had the day off, putting him in the right place at the right time.

Both men walked away without injuries.

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