Editorial: Prayer

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - We have much to pray for every day – but especially this Thursday, a National Day of Prayer.

We pray for as positive an outcome as possible from the oil leak that threatens our region.

We pray for single digit unemployment in every county in the state, an end to proration budgets, and a federal deficit cut by half over the next three years.

We pray more children get served through Alabama's pre-K program.  A new report this week praises the program for being one of only two nationally to meet all 10 benchmarks for quality standards but only about 5% of our children enjoy it.

We pray for more primary care physicians statewide.   There are more than 15-hundred patients for every one primary care doctor now.  Loosening restrictions on provider access and reimbursement may help.

And we pray for an end to the grocery tax and a long-term solution to control the rising costs of public employee benefits before our state budgets get consumed by them.

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