Alabama AG Troy King jumps in on the oil spill crisis

Alabama Attorney General Troy King
Alabama Attorney General Troy King

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - "We want straight and clear talk."

Alabama Attorney General Troy King hopes to convey those same thoughts on paper in three letters he's written. One went to British Petroleum with some very pointed questions and demands, specifically reminding B-P to honor its pledge to pay all necessary claims and clean up costs.

In essence Mr. King has questions with B-P saying it will pay 'legitimate claims,' saying the word 'legitimate' concerns him. What may be legitimate in King's eyes may not be in another's.

BP reportedly got some residents in Bayou La Batre to sign settlement agreements, offering up to $5,000 if they agree not to sue. The company has since apologized and backed off.

King also sent letters to Transocean and Haliburton, taking the same stand as he has with BP. The Attorney General says he has the full support of fellow Attorneys General from Florida to Texas.

While the giant oil spill has not physically touched the Alabama coast, Mr. King is certain the spill has already impacted the economy in south Alabama as far as hotel cancellations.  To what degree though King concedes he doesn't have any hard figures.

Mr. King says the letters are not meant to be a prelude to a lawsuit but did leave that door open down the road.

Meantime, BP will attempt to place a very large concrete and steel dome over the leak on Thursday.

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