Corks, pillows suggested as remedies for oil spill

DAUPHIN ISLAND, Ala. (AP) - Government officials are being inundated with homespun remedies in dealing with the oil spewing into the Gulf.

Some proposals are realistic, others seem far-fetched. Some are just goofy.

A Coast Guard spokesman says people have called in ideas such as capping the damaged well with a cork, and sewing pillows together to line beaches and soak up the oil.

A group of business people suggests using a carbon dioxide solution shot from guns to freeze parts of the slick, which could then be scooped up.

Some innovative ideas already are in place. In the Florida Panhandle, Walton County plans to spray hay into the water once the oil arrives.

BP's leading solution is placing a 100-ton concrete & metal box over 1 of the leaks.

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