Arrest Made In 17-Year Old Murder Case In Coosa County

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For 17 long years no one really knew the truth about what happened to Kevin Pody. The case was certainly investigated, written about in The Coosa County News newspaper and talked about among the locals.

"During our search we found human remains," said Coosa County Sheriff Terry Wilson.

Coosa County investigators they now know. Kevin Pody was murdered, dashing all hopes for a family that held out hope that Kevin was still alive.

"I had always hope my Kevin would come home alive but it wasn't meant to be. I do believe he is with our Lord Jesus," said Kevin's mother Shirley Pody.

"This past Saturday, May 1,  my law enforcement team, including several reserve deputies and other volunteers, conducted a thorough search in a wooded area in the Marble Valley community," said Sheriff Wilson.

A wooded area located some 30 miles northeast of Rockford.

The suspect?

"This office arrested Michael Wade Nicholson of the Marble Valley community for the murder of Kevin Pody," Sheriff Wilson said.

Michael Nicholson's bond has been set at $250,000. The sheriff wouldn't talk about the motive and says he didn't know yet how Pody was killed.

"I can tell you they were friends," said Sheriff Wilson.

Kevin Pody was just 26 years old when he was murdered. Pody was married and worked for a Coosa County timber company.

"Kevin was taken away from me and my children and this nightmare is finally over for our family," said Kevin Pody's widow Sabrina Nix.

This arrest in the Kevin Pody murder case does not close the book on the remaining unsolved homicide cases in Coosa County. Investigators have three more to go.

County homicide detectives say it was a combination of several factors that led to Michael Nicholson's arrest; Pody's remains.. interviews with potential witnesses and DNA evidence.

Nicholson who is 48 is said to be 'cooperative' while sitting in the Coosa County jail.

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