Update: MPD officer involved in motorcycle accident

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A Montgomery Police motorcycle officer responding to a call who suffered injuries in an accident Wednesday is going to be OK despite some scrapes, bruises and perhaps a broken arm, said a police spokesman.

It all happened during busy 5 p.m. traffic along South Court Street in a parking lot right outside the WSFA 12 News building.

For Denise Thomas, a trip for groceries turned into real life drama when she saw the officer crash his bike into a car.

"I saw the officer go around 3 cars...And just slammed into the man's door...And then he flipped...And hit the SUV...Next thing I know he is laying over there on the ground," said Thomas.

The officer was found in the middle of the road, clearly injured and witnesses feared the worst.

"I thought he was dead at first... He wasn't moving.. I didn't see him breathing," added Thomas.

The bike ended up against a telephone pole.

Derrick Patterson, the driver of the other vehicle was driving along when he and the officer collided.

"Yeah you getting ready to turn...And you hear a loud crash...It scared me to death...And then I saw him fly across the road," said Patterson.

Medics and a swarm of police officers rushed to the scene to help.

"I just hope he is OK," Patterson said.

Mayor Todd Strange made a personal visit to the scene to check on the policeman.

Ironically, the accident occurred on the very day the department held its memorial for policemen who died in the in the line of duty. That sent a chill through city officials and other law enforcers who remembered another accident that killed their colleague Joshua Broadway in January of 2009.

"The last officer we had to lose was in an auto accident," Strange recalled.

Montgomery police say they'll conduct a thorough investigation into who or what caused the crash.

Again, the unnamed officer has scrapes and bruises and maybe a broken arm but thankfully, he'll be ok.

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