Victoryland attorney talks about recorded conversations

The attorney for Victoryland owner Milton McGregor reacts to secretly recorded cell phone conversations played before a grand jury investigating possible vote buying at the State House.

The recorded conversations were played for Representative David Grimes during his appearance before the federal grand jury.  Grimes says the conversations were between McGregor and lobbyist Bob Getty.  Grimes says the two said they needed to work on Grimes because he was quote wavering.

McGregor's attorney says there is nothing incriminating or illegal on the tapes.  "Mister McGregor was actively trying to get the people the right to vote on the bingo issue.  Mr. McGregor is the kind of person who would like to think every representative and senator would support that constitutional amendment.  The fact that Mr. McGregor wanted to give the people the right to vote I think is pretty well known.  I would be surprised if anybody in Alabama didn't know Milton McGregor was in favor of that."  explained attorney Mark White.

The grand jury has recessed for now but it's expected they will reconvene with more lawmakers going behind closed doors for testimony in a few weeks.