BrewTech Art Teacher a Class Act

Posted by: Judd Davis - bio | email

Each day she works on a masterpiece, and this has nothing to do with an art project.  Tara Jarrett teaches art at BrewTech Magnet High School in Montgomery.   She's hoping to give her students a solid foundation, and maybe even a head start for a career in art.    "The kids here are like adults most of the time,"  Jarrett said.  "They are very respectful and sweet, and that makes my job easy."

Jarrett hopes her class is one the kids look forward to.   "We're pretty relaxed and I think they enjoy being in a laid back atmosphere."   Even as a kid Tara Jarrett had a passion for art.   She's hoping her love on the arts rubs off on her students.    "I hope they know I really do care for them, and hopefully some of them will pursue art careers."

One sketch, one painting at a time Mrs. Tara Jarrett is working on a masterpiece and she's this week's Class Act.

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