Funky Junk Art Contest Winners

The Montgomery Clean City Commission and EcoMAX announced the winners of the 2010 Funky Junk Art Contest Tuesday.

In its 12th year, the Funky Junk Art Contest is an annual citywide competition for artists and imaginative dreamers of all ages.  To qualify, contest participants were required to create an original work of art composed only of used materials and/or recycled goods.

More than 100 pieces of art were entered in this year's competition.  Participants ranged from age 5 to adult, with both individuals and groups submitting entries.

The winners of this year's competition include:

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade Division:

First Place: Kyle Walker, Halcyon Elementary School

Second Place: Barrett Perry, Maxwell AFB Dependents' School

Third Place: Aubrie Hepp, Maxwell AFB Dependents' School

Honorable Mention: Mykalah Phillips, E.D. Nixon Elementary School

4th - 6th Grade Division:

First Place – David Cho, Halcyon Elementary School

Second Place – Gracie von Hoffman, Maxwell AFB Dependents' School

Third Place – Tyler Adams, Halcyon Elementary School

Honorable Mention – Shelby Collins, Halcyon Elementary School

7th - 9th Grade Division:

First Place – Taylind Wilson, Capitol Heights Junior High School

Second Place – Nia Harris, Floyd Middle School Magnet

Third Place – Alora Rogers, Floyd Middle School Magnet

Honorable Mention – Ben Sievers, Capitol Heights Junior High School

10th - 12th Grade Division:

First Place – Elizabeth Ann Brown, The Montgomery Academy

Second Place – Ana Highland, Paterson Academy for Creative Education

Third Place – Gibbs Lee, The Montgomery Academy

Group Division:

First Place – Success Unlimited Academy Achievers Class: Paul Ahn, Sam Alexander, Shelby

Bullen, Tyler Cluck, Lawren Corbin, Jonathan Edwards, Chris Kinard, Kathryn Meriwether,

Danielle Wilson

Second Place – Harris Gowan, The Montgomery Academy and Luke Franklin, Trinity

Presbyterian School

Third Place – Nathaniel Bell and Kenneth Jackson, Paterson Academy for Creative Education

Honorable Mention – Idallas Jenkins and Tiylanda Rudolph, Paterson Academy for Creative


Adult Division:

First Place – Evelyn J. Shoults

Second Place – Mona Dunson

Third Place – Joshua Stone

Grand Prize Winner:

Walden Walker, The Montgomery Academy