WA Senator blasts Pentagon

A sometimes bitter fight over the new Air Force refueling tanker project got downright nasty Tuesday.  Washington state senators are blasting the pentagon for giving EADS extra time to present a proposal to build the tankers.

EADS would build them here in Alabama creating thousands of jobs.  Boeing, the other bidder is also fighting to win the $50 billion contract.

"Holding this competition up to allow an illegally subsidized foreign company to bid is bad for our men and women in uniform, it is bad for our taxpayers, it is bad for our economy, and it is bad for our workers.  It means we are bending the rules to accommodate a company that has refused to play by them.  We cannot, we should not be rewarding bad behavior." says Washington Senator Patty Murray.

Alabama's Governor's office is responding.  In a statement sent to WSFA 12 News the Governor's office says, "The EADS tanker that will be built in Alabama is the better plane.  It's more capable, can deliver more fuel and can carry more cargo and troops over greater distances.  The American warfighter, worker and taxpayer deserve a real American tanker that meets the Air Force's needs, and that's the EADS North America tanker that will create 48,000 jobs across the country, including 5,000 right here in Alabama."

The Pentagon will pick a contractor sometime this fall.