Alabama tourism officials roll out TV spots

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The public service announcements are slick, smooth and inviting. The Alabama Department of Tourism has produced two TV spots, paid for by the $25 million grant given by B-P.

"We knew it was important to let people know immediately the beaches are in great shape. They're pristine and they are clean just like they have always been," said Director of Alabama Tourism Lee Sentell.

The spots of course don't address some of the reported tar balls that washed up on Dauphin Island a few days ago.

"I don't think it's a waste of money," said Tammie McCurry.

Alabamians like McCurry applaud the state's efforts to lure folks to the beaches but McCurry is taking a 'wait and see' approach. McCurry says she may cancel her family's annual trip to Gulf Shores.

"I'm just not sure about the danger associated with the oil and how that might affect my children," said McCurry.

The TV spots are airing this weekend across the southeast and Texas in places like Dallas, Nashville, New Orleans and Atlanta.

"We go the Gulf Shores and generally stay3 or 4 days," said Toni Colquitt.

B-P is also chipping in and paying $200,000 for a 60-second spot promoting the beaches in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida in southeast markets.

Tomorrow morning a newspaper ad will appear in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, again promoting beaches in the Gulf.

In addition to the campaign, hotels and rental companies from Gulf Shores to Panama City have relaxed their cancellation policies.

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