Editorial: Debt

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Our nation's debt is 13 trillion dollars and it is growing by the second.

America is spending more than 12 billion dollars each month fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and those wars have now cost more than a trillion dollars.

If we made $24,000 a year and spent $42,000 we'd be broke quickly.

Yet  Congress spends nearly two dollars for every dollar collected – from us.

The country of Greece is broke and Italy, Ireland and Portugal may be next.

The United States is on that path unless we take corrective action now.

What can we do?   For starters, elect people who will stop discretionary government spending.

The primary election is the day after Memorial Day and voter turnout could be compromised.

Vote now if you need to, or vote June 1 and again July 13 if there is a congressional election runoff and November 2 in the general election.

And hold our elected leaders accountable for how they spend our money.