Wetumpka Police Department moving

It is a 24/7 job and if you and your fellow officers are jammed into a tiny building, it's not easy to get the job done.  That is the case in Wetumpka.  However, the department is now set to move into a spacious renovated building.

It's the changing of the locks and the guard at the new Wetumpka Police Department.  The facility was originally built as a hospital in the 1930s.  It then became a nursing home and while that seems like an unlikely place for a police department its specs fit the bill.

There's no hard feelings about the building the officers are leaving behind.  Its all of 1800 square feet, you can literally see from one side of the headquarters to the other forcing investigators into a portal outback.

The new location cost $283,000 including closing costs and taxes and no mortgage.

The city paid for the building with what they call a set aside fund collected by setting aside 1% of its sales taxes into a special fund.