Montgomery home invasion and robbery suspect captured

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A Montgomery man wanted for invading a woman's home and holding her at gunpoint, then robbing a Title Max Store the next day, is now in jail.

The home invasion victim still isn't taking any chances as her new alarm system indicates.

"Ya know, if someone even touches the windows or whatever, it's going to go off."

Carla Carson added a few things to her home since her brush with death a few weeks back.

"Burglar bar doors...the wrought iron doors."

It's an effort to make sure she and her three daughters are safe in their own home!

Earlier, an armed robber held them at gunpoint inside that home. He then stole their car and sense of security.

"Anytime you hear a little noise you just wonder if somebody was outside or trying to get in the house or something like that. Even though we had the doors put on and the alarm system, it still was nerve-racking," said Carson.

But Carson doesn't have to worry anymore. MontgomeryPolice say 25-year old John Ashe was caught in Spartanburg, South Carolina driving the car he stole from her in April.

Now Montgomery authorities are working to determine whether Ashe has committed other crimes.

"To try and put the word out between here and South Carolina to see if he's been involved in any other crimes," said Capt. Keith Barnett with the Montgomery Police Department.

While Carson's trying to put the incident behind her she knows her girls are still a little scared.

"Just letting them ya know, express how they feel, and like I said, they'll talk about the strange man with the gun and some things he said, and I just let them know that he can't hurt us because he's locked up now," added Carson.

Locked up, a concept even Carson is embracing.

"We feel a little safer now, knowing that we're locked in. Like I said...we hate to live like prisoners, but we have to do what we have to do to feel safe and protect ourselves," stated Carson.

Carson says she has talked to the manager at the Title Max store to see how she's doing since the two incidents weren't even a day apart.

Police tell WSFA 12 News they believe the suspect, John Ashe, is also responsible for a gas station robbery and another home invasion.

Right now, Montgomery Police are working to extradite Ashe to Montgomery.

Authorities believe the crimes are drug related.

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