County Road 12: A Tree with a View

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Santuck, AL (WSFA) -  It's amazing what some people can do with their hands.  Whether it's wood work or welding some folks just have a unique gift.   Now a blacksmith and a wood sculptor are teaming up for quite a project.

It all started with Santuck resident John Wayne Taylor and his unique collection.  "I've always had the desire to make a pedestal table from a tree trunk," Taylor said.  So he's been collecting tree stumps for some time.    And then he found just the right one at a state park near Birmingham.     But Taylor needed some help.   "I knew it needed something extra."

So John Wayne Taylor looked up wood sculptor Carole Jean Boyd.   She's a master at carving faces in wood.  But she never took on a project this big.    "When I got here and saw the stump I was excited," Boyd said.   The work was tough.  It's not easy doing a facial on black walnut.   I took her 9 days, more than 70 hours to carve the face in that tree stump.  "We call it the Spirit of Tannehill, named after the park from where it came from.   He's supposed to look like he lives in the tree trunk, and legend has it, these faces protect folks nearby from fire and destruction."

We don't know how lucky it is, but sure is an impressive piece of work that's giving this old stump a whole new way to face the future.   And the work isn't done.  Now Taylor plans to use blacksmith skills to turn this stump into a table like you've never seen before.

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