Guest Editorial: An Unspoken Epidemic

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - No one likes talking about my subject today but it has reached epidemic proportions because of that very reason. Just because people are living longer with it does not mean it's over or that a cure has been found, it just means we've ignored it into oblivion.

AIDS is a major problem in the south but particularly here in Montgomery and southeast Alabama. The African American population makes up 26% of the State according to the latest numbers from 2007 but we are 49% of the known, yes I said KNOWN AIDS Cases.

There are four things I encourage you to do TODAY, TOMORROW, or at some point in the next few weeks:

1) Get tested and find out if you are as safe as YOU think you are; 2) Stay safe by practicing SAFE SEX. That means abstinence, celibacy, or using the proper precautions if you are active so you can protect not only yourself but those you claim you love; 3) Be aware of what your teenage children are doing, where they are and who they are with. The Teen pregnancy rate and AIDS for that age group is also up and as parents we need to do something sooner rather than later; and finally 4) TALK about it and know what it is. It's the only way to be safe!

Rose McCall