Candidate Profile: Troy King for Attorney General

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Troy King was only 10 years old in 1979. But he says he vividly remembers the day his home town sheriff, Coffee County's Neil Grantham, was shot and killed.

"I remember the yellow police tape, the blood," he said. "It impacted me powerfully."

To this day, King is still helping fend off appeals filed by Grantham's convicted killer. He says it's just another example of his ongoing dedication to crime victims.

"The only clients I've ever had are the people of Alabama," King said. "I've stood up for them and fought for them."

King prides himself on his record. Among his accomplishments is a crackdown on meth labs by moving key ingredients for the illegal drug behind the counter.

He says he's most proud of his work to protect children -- strengthening Alabama's sex offender law, passing tougher penalties for child pornography, and holding parents accountable who place their children in danger.

"We need to send a strong message across the country that Alabama is the wrong place to come and hurt our kids," King said.

But Troy King is not without controversy. For example, district attorneys across the state have come out against many of his decisions. But King dismisses their concerns.

"I didn't take this job to become friends with the district attorneys," King explained. "Where a district attorney takes the position that he's going to testify to get a convicted murderer off death row, I don't care how many friends that costs me. I simply don't agree with them."

And then there's the gambling issue. King says attempted raids by the governor's task force are the wrong way to go about fighting electronic bingo.

He described the governor's actions as "a circus! It is a colossal failure!"

King says, if elected, he'll continue to pursue the issue in the courts, not through law enforcement actions.

And despite claims by his opponent, King denies being too close to the gambling industry in Alabama. He claims he has not taken campaign money from gambling interests. And he says he attended a party hosted by Country Crossing's developer because of the economic development aspect of the project.

After the health care reform vote in Washington, King was among the first attorneys general to announce plans to file suit against the federal government -- another cause he says he would continue to fight if re-elected.

Troy king is for the death penalty and he's endorsed by the state fraternal order of police. He faces Birmingham attorney Luther Strange in the June first Republican primary.

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