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MONTGOMERY AL (WSFA) - We are just two and a half weeks from Alabama's primary election. So, are you a registered voter? If not, it's not too late. You still have a few days left.

On this the Monday before Friday's voter registration deadline, there was only one person casting her ballot at the county's election office, but that may soon change says the Director of Elections Trey Granger. "Voters are like Christmas shoppers. They wait until the last minute. We've seen a real surge in the mail today. We had a lot more foot traffic today. So, as we approach the deadline, we expect to see more potential voters come in."

And, there are reasons for the slow traffic this year. Most off year elections don't draw the same large crowds as during a presidential election and absentee voter Lizzie Beale has another reason why fewer people are showing up so far. "I voted because I made up mind recently. And, how long ago did you make up your mind? A couple of days ago."

Yes, it's because of the undecided voter. It is believed a lot of people still haven't made up their minds - an estimated 25 per cent of the electorate and that number could even be as high as 40%. Granger agrees.  "The polls show undecided and a lot of those people seem to fall out the week or so before. So, that maybe even more a part of the reason why people wait to absentee vote or even register at the last minute."

Remember, the deadline to register to vote is this coming Friday (May 21st), and, the deadline to apply to vote absentee is a week from this Thursday.

Also, three polling places have changed in Montgomery. Voters in the past who went to the Cloverland Community Center or the Carver Community Center or the Franklin Boys and Girls Club will go to a different voting site this year.

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