County Road 12 - Hot Dog Guy

A couple of years ago, a trip to Mobile changed the life of a Montgomery man. He saw a hot dog vendor and had an idea. That idea has become reality and for folks in rural Lowndes County, weekends will never be the same.

He works quickly and with precision. Everything has it's place. Jake Williams is setting up his business. " It's been a long time how you been doing?" he calls out as he's working. It's in a most unlikely place. "Hey Miss Vanessa. You haven't put nobody in jail today have you."

It's the corner of County Road 23 and U.S. Highway 80. "What can I get for you today, anything?" Practically in the middle of no where. "Ketchup, mustard and onions," he has a hot dog stand. "I started out it was real slow at first. You learn things as you go. When I first started out, I didn't have no signs out on the road so you know, nobody knew what I was doing." But they learned quickly and now cars, trucks, even 18 wheelers can't pass him by. "Once the tent goes up customers start coming in," he says with a smile that hardly ever leaves his face. His cart is loaded with hot dogs, polish sausage, camp stew and all the fixings. "Most people are ketchup, mustard, onions, relish and they're happy. Anything to drink today?" It's the people, that keep him coming back. "I've got two customers that stop in front at Atlanta one goes to visit her mother and son in Meridian, Mississippi, and the other goes to visit her mother in Selma. They both stop by at different times they don't even know each other of course. One from Meridian when her son was on spring break I got to meet him. The one that goes to visit her mother in Selma told me her mother has passed away."

And then there was the guy who pulled up in a Rolls Royce. "And believe it or not he pulled up there and after he got his hotdog and stuff he got in the back seat and put on his napkin and the back seat had a little tray that he pulled out and he put his soda." He makes friends, as quickly and easily as he loads a bun. "Everybody that passes along blow" And if the truth were told, his customers are just as eager to see him, as they are to get a meal."If that ain't no good, I'm going to be mad." says one customer with a sarcastic grin. "This is good stew, i promise," Jake replies.

Jake is on his corner every weekend. He's also opening a restaurant on Mobile Highway in Montgomery. But no matter what he says, nothing will take him away from his hot dog stand on Highway 80.