Candidate Profile: Tim James for Governor

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MONTGOMERY, AL(WSFA) - Republican candidate for Governor Tim James started a statewide bus tour Tuesday in front of the State Capitol.  He calls it his Common Sense Express.

He will travel from one end of the state to the other talking about state spending, education and his father's influence.  James calls himself an outsider, and he doesn't consider it a weakness.

"I think my business background is best to lead this state during these time. Politicians have done a poor job of managing budgets and living within their means during these times," he explained.

James, built his business in construction. He once owned an asphalt company and an incinerator business, and if the name James sounds familiar it's because his father is Fob James, a former Alabama Governor.

"You learn a lot of lessons when you have a dad that's was governor. You've got to be a good communicator," James says.

James has been out criss-crossing the state trying to communicate to voters what he plans to do as Governor. Along with cutting spending and bringing more jobs to the state his passion is public education and he wants to make sure Alabama students can read.

"Public schools must pick up the slack and there are no excuses. This is what happens if we do it: dropout numbers collapse, prison numbers collapse, teen pregnancy collapses, and you've created an educated work force. That's how you drive business."

This is James' second run for Governor. Eight years ago he finished third in the Republican primary. But he says this time is different. He's quoted as saying "He's in the right race at the right time" with a campaign he calls "Common Sense" he hopes will win in Alabama.

James is one of seven Republicans in the primary election on June 1.

His bus tour ends May 30th in his hometown of Greenville.

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