Medical Oncology

Montgomery Cancer Center provides a full range of medical oncology services for its patients, including chemotherapy and immunology. Patients work closely with their physician to customize a therapy that will work best for them, often employing several methods of addressing the cancer at the same time.

The center's chemotherapies use the latest and most effective drugs to kill cancer cells. Different from surgery or radiation therapy, chemotherapy sends cancer-fighting drugs that circulate in the bloodstream to distant parts of the body where the cancer may have spread. Because it can eliminate cancer cells distant from the original site, chemotherapy is considered a systemic treatment.

Many side effects once associated with chemotherapy are now easily prevented or controlled, allowing many people receiving treatment to work, travel, and participate in many of their other normal activities.

Montgomery Cancer Center also offers immunotherapy, where the body's own immune system is used to kill cancer cells. Types of this therapy include interferon, interleukin, monoclonal antibodies, colony stimulating factors (cytokines), and vaccines.

All Montgomery Cancer Center's treatments are patient-focused. Physicians and staff are experienced and skilled in the development and administration of individualized, effective chemotherapies and immunotherapies.